Mij 1984 Fender Squire Squier Stratocaster


This is a circa 1984 Japanese built SQ Squier Stratocaster.   I am the second owner.  The first owner said it spent most of its life in a closet and I believe it . Most of the guitar body does not even  have  picking scratches.   It does have a few small dings, but the overall condition is really good.   The hardware is also in good shape with only minor tarnishing (and far less than is typical for these guitars). The pots and 5 way switch are great and do not need replacement.  The rosewood neck is in mint shape and has absolutely no fret wear.

When the first owner purchased the guitar,  he had the shop replace the stock  MIJ pickups with new USA Fender strat pickups from the same period.  I think these pickups are worth some money now .  The change does make a difference.   I have had 8 or 9 of these guitars and this is the one that really nails the sound of a  70’s big head stock fender Stratocaster.

The only reason I am selling the guitar is that it is super light.  I don’t have a scale but I think it is in the range of 6 lbs.  Most people like low weight  guitars but I prefer them to be boat anchors.

Will ship with a fender gig back and tons of bubble wrap.   USA and Canada only bidders please. 

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